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The international burlesque scene is a wonderful concoction of a vast array of events and classes; from newbie nights to international superstars, there is certainly an abundance of burlesque to suit all tastes and audiences and we love it.

There is one company in particular that epitomises burlesque throughout the spectrum and that is House of Trixie Blue.

Established 2006 as a music tuition company, House of Trixie Blue has certainly morphed into an entertainment company with a difference. ​House of Trixie Blue is an enterprise of entertainment, specialising in the art of burlesque since 2009.
As we love burlesque so very much, we have opened our doors to everyone aged 18+ to get involved with burlesque however they see fit.
Whether is it to attend our studio or online burlesque classes, book multi-award winning international performers for your show or perhaps attend one of our shows (always book as soon as possible, as we sell out!), there is always something for everyone under our roof.
Our approachable and enthusiastic nature creates the foundation of our business, in which we strive to maintain an ethos as an accessible and inclusive burlesque entertainment company, where blue is not just a colour, it is a lifestyle. 

About our Principal Enchantress Trixie Blue.

Trixie Blue - International Multi award winning burlesque performer (Queen of Neo Burlesque 2018 Croatian Burlesque Festival, Bohemian Princess 2017 Prague and 1st Runner up at the British Crown 2016) who runs the burlesque entertainment enterprise House of Trixie Blue.
Trixie is a PGCE qualified teacher, with a Masters of Research degree, specialising in burlesque and undertook a PhD titled: Traditions of Nostalgic Femininity within the Burlesque Subculture. 
Not only this, she has extensive qualifications within performing arts and fitness (L3 Personal Trainer) and uses her theoretical and practical knowledge, along with her infectious enthusiasm to deliver a burlesque experience you will never forget.

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