Trixie Blue - By Fifi Fondelle

There was a girl called Trixie
Who was feeling rather blue
Until one day she stood up and said
“I know just what to do”
So in corset and frilly knickers
On the stage she did stand
And pulled of sexy, silky gloves
Deftly from each hand
The crowd were going crazy
Shouting out for more
So she whipped off her silky stockings
Whilst lying on the floor
With a shimmy and a wiggle
Sexy venus to the sky
She thought to herself I need a special way
To end and say goodbye
She looked down at her corset
And thought that’s too much hassle
So she swiftly whipped off her bra
And shook her nipple tassels
And no my friend this is not a lie
The tale I tell is true
For a sexy, sassy performer