Burlesque Students - Video Testimonials 

Uploaded March 2015

The Blue Belles

Student - Debs

Student - Jennifer

Student - Laura


Student - Jess

Student - Emma

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Burlesque Students

"I've noticed myself change into a more confident person since the first HOTB course I joined and I know I am now a completely different person to who I would've been if I hadn't entered the burlesque world, in the best way obviously.


I have been able to grow in an uber-supportive, fun and safe environment, learning a craft which instead of making you believe that you start with nothing and have to toil for and earn your status as a burlesque babe, makes you believe you already are one, you are glamorous and sexy, and it's just a case of letting it out to shine. 


Kristi teaches with an admirable, never-failing energy and enthusiasm that lights up the room, and every week I look forward to the studio door opening and hearing a "Come in, ladies!" Thank you so much for everything you have done for me." - Kate Student 2015

"Burlesque is always something I wanted to do, I thought it was amazing and beautiful. I NEVER thought this would be anything I could do..until I met Trixie Blue.  I talked to her about doing a beginners course, and she encouraged me and told me I could do it, I asked her a million questions!! She calmly and paitently answered every one of them, eventually I felt brave enough to join a course. 


I was so nervous and was really concious about my body and what people would think.  All I can say is I had absolutely nothing to worry about, the course was amazing and Trixie Blue was there for me evey step of the way, she never doubted that I could do it and by the end of the course my confidence had taken such a boost. 


I have now ( as a blue belle - yes me a blue belle!!) taken part in a burlesque show, it was a fantastic experience that I will never forget! Burlesque is not just for people of a certain look or style its something everyone can do and makes you feel wonderful.  Do it - you wont regret it :-)" - Dee aka Dee Dee Dammed Student 2015

"I had waited for over 10 months to become a Blue Belle course member and it certainly was worth the wait!  I have founds there have been so many benefits to this course.  For those reluctant to learn the group choreography, the tutor [Trixie Blue] really uses a range of methods to support each and every member.  She is always there to answer any questions and gives you all of the information from day one so you always know what's involved.  You get to exercise while making great friends in a genuinely open and welcoming environment. 


Once you have the confidence to perform solo, there is great one-to-one support available to make sure your vision for the act is realised.  You can enter the world of burlesque without feeling alone and develop your personal style along with the other course members.  The fact that you can perform as a group before performing your solo is also fab as it builds your confidence in a way that is gradual and comfortable. 


The number one thing about this course is that from start to finish it is the GREATEST FUN!  As we all know, this is one of the biggest priorities at House of Trixie Blue.  I cannot holler for Blue Belles enough!” - Emma aka Coral Calypso - 2014

​'After every class I felt fantastic and walked away with the biggest smile on my face! Trixie is a very entertaining tutor, with a great sense of humour and an incredible passion for burlesque. I will definitely be returning after my Beginners' Course comes to a close!"Jess - Student 2014

"After being interested in the beautiful art of Burlesque for some time, and a need to re-build some feminine confidence, I started lessons with the amazing Trixie Blue. After countless questions from me and many e mails back and forwards I plucked up the courage to go. Trixie has an uncanny ability to make you feel completely at ease, and her friendly teaching skills are second to none! Come and have a go with House of Trixie Blue, you are guaranteed to have fun, and may also surprise yourself!" Lou Student 2014

"When I first started burlesque, I joined for a bit of fun and a laugh.  Now 10 month later I'm still there and enjoying every minute of it.  Never thought I would enjoy something this much!!" Ruby Love- 2013

"On behalf of Tynemouth WI, I just want to say many thanks for your time last night. Everyone had a fantastic evening with lots of laughs, and after you'd gone it was agreed it was probably the best meeting we have had at the WI. It was a good one for breaking the ice with so many potential new members there. I am going to try to perfect my glove pulling technique now, but somehow it doesn't work as well with fleecy ones!" Jane - WI Tynemouth Burlesque Workshop - 2012


Feedback from our Beginners Burlesque Workshops

"Very professional, friendly and with lots of fun atmosphere. Never felt for a minute uncomfortable. Enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to coming to one of your shows. See you again and thank you." Workshop Attendee Sep 2015

"Great fun! What better way to spend a Sunday morning. Makes you want to come back again and again." Workshop Attendee May 2014

"Fabulous! Made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. Oh what fun! xxx." Workshop Attendee May 2014

"Great workshop - very inclusive.  Good confidence boost." Workshop Attendee May 2014

"A wonderful experience that made me feel sexy despite my age and size." Workshop Attendee May 2014

"FAB! FUN! Great for body confidence." Workshop Attendee September 2014

"Love these workshops! Cant believe how much you manage to fit into 2 hours! Feel very refreshed in my moves." Workshop Attendee September 2014

"Trixie Blue is a delightful teacher. She makes you feel fabulous while teaching you the tease!" Workshop Attendee September 2014

"Really good fun. Thank you." Workshop Attendee September 2014

Feedback from our Misty Blue Burlesque Goddess Workshop

"Awesome as ever! Right perked me up this morning. Trixie Blue never fails to inject cheer and glamour into your day" Workshop Attendee May 2014

"Valuable information! Really great and it gave me a lot to think about for my persona,  LOVED IT! x." Workshop Attendee May 2014

"Brilliant! Feel absolutely fabulous and found it very interesting." Workshop Attendee May 2014

"Really enjoyed the workshop. You covered a few aspects of performing I hadn't even thought about" Workshop Attendee May 2014

"Fab - really good tips! Dead helpful. Better than I had hoped for. Really feel like it has given me extra confidence to perform" Workshop Attendee May 2014

"Great fun, banter.  Lots to go away and think about. Loved learning some history too ." Workshop Attendee May 2014

"Confidence boosting, good fun, great history of burlesque ." Workshop Attendee September 2014

"Love this workshop! So interesting and informative and the tips are so useful ." Workshop Attendee September 2014

Feedback about Principal Enchantress Trixie Blue

“Trixie Blue is an absolute professional and a joy to work with. Having collaborated on a photographic project together I can honestly say that she is friendly, welcoming, and creative. Trixie Blue has a wonderful array of poses and expressions, and knows how to work with the camera. I can absolutely recommend working with her and look forward to future projects with her myself.”Erika Tanith Photography  - 2014 

Check out Erika's stunning photography website www.erikatanithphotography.co.uk 


​'A delightful and entertaining young [Looks can be deceiving - TB] performer who can wow the audience with the upmost of ease. Reliable and excellent time keeping make it such a pleasure to work with Trixie and we would certainly have her back at La Plume. As for weaknesses....well there isn't enough of her to go round'

Lady Kendall Joel (Lady K's Ltd) 2012 – Performance at La Plume, Bedford -  Check out Lady K's website for that all important burlesque attire www.ladyks.co.uk

"Trixie Blue has a great presence and energy on stage. She is engaging and light, or dark and brooding (her Roxanne act) but always entertaining. I have often asked her to perform at ‘Sauce’, the supper club that I host. She is always a pleasure to work with, a great, professional attitude mixed with a fun personality. " Bettina Spankenhaus 2014 - Check out Bettina Spankenhaus's website www.spankenhaus.com

'I've had the pleasure to work with Trixie Blue on a number of productions at the Tyneside Cinema. Her production 'Trixie Blue's History of Burlesque on Film' was a unique blend of historic movie footage and live performance bringing together the best young burlesque talent in the North, and sold out four successive performances.


She brings both energy and professionalism, which, when coupled with her creativity and personability, make Trixie a breath of fresh air. I've not worked with another performer/producer as conscientious as Trixie Blue, and she's my first port of call when I need to commission top rate work on a tight budget.;

Craig Puranen Wilson: Live Events Promoter/Producer, Tyneside Cinema/Tyneside Bar Cafe - 2016