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What is burlesque?


The definition of burlesque is ambiguous and can be defined in a variety of different ways. This is due to burlesques extensive history ranging from its Greek origins through to the contemporary Neo burlesque, House of Trixie Blue defines burlesque in the following ways:


  • Burlesque combines comedy, variety acts and striptease into individual or simultaneous performances


  • Burlesque is the art of the tease, which uses parody, satire and exaggeration to convey your performance


  • A performance art that celebrates the body and the individual no matter age/gender/ability

  • Burlesque champions the glitz and glamour of the showgirl and celebrates the individual by welcoming everyone of any age (18+) shape, size and ability to embrace its charms. It is fantastic for a giggle, build self-confidence and channel your inner burlesque goddess.


Do you get Naked in class?

With burlesque, we do get a lot of questions regarding how rudey nudey we do get in our classes and that is completely understandable because the majority of burlesque that is depicted in the media or on stage celebrates the strip as an integral part of the burlesque narrative.

HOWEVER, at our HOTB classes and workshops it is not a requirement to strip/peel down to your birthday suit (we don't want to see your bum thank you very much tee hee hee).  We 99% of the time peel items off what we are currently wearing and if we do decide to take off a bra, we pop the bra on top of our clothes and strip/peel that way – we do look a treat!!


If the opportunity arises to nipple tassel, we mostly do this on top of our clothes as well – stunning.


The 1% I haven’t mentioned is when you feel like you would like to try without the clothes underneath and peel to tassels/pasties, we provide the supportive and friendly environment in which to do so.

Do you have to be a certain size/body shape to do Burlesque?

No...well that was a bit blunt but it is true ladies and gentlemen. To put it eloquently (or not haha) your body is your ‘outer packaging’, it’s what’s inside that counts (pretty deep eh?).  

Burlesque celebrates your unique traits, your individual body shapes, sizes and personality.  It wouldn’t it be boring if we all looked the same?

Burlesque is incredible because you do not have to conform to certain behaviours or a certain ‘look’.  The industry encourages the individual to embrace their own special and unique traits because this is what sets you apart from others by being yourself. 

At House of Trixie Blue, we welcome all in our classes no matter what shape/size you are.  We are all about the burlesque banter and laughter here and encourage our lovely burlesque beauties to celebrate themselves. 

Burlesque is as individual as you are so take a deep breath and come and join the burlesque party. 

I'm not very flexible, will FlexiBlue work for me?

Absolutely! Our FlexiBlue classes work with your own ability to increase flexibility in a relaxed and friendly environment. 




Who is Trixie Blue? 


Trixie Blue (Kristi) is the Principal Enchantress at House of Trixie Blue. An International multi-award winning burlesque enchantress (Queen of Neo Burlesque 2018 at the Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival, Bohemian Princess 2017 at the Bohemian Burlesque Festival Prague & 2016 1st Runner up title at the British Crown at the World Burlesque Games), Trixie Blue, is highly acclaimed for her seductive prowess and jaw dropping performances, captivating audiences for a decade.

Her repertoire showcases the beauty and debauchery of burlesques transgressive form; from fierce seduction in Trixie’s interpretation of Fran from the film Strictly Ballroom to her playful, sensual striptease acts. Not only this, Trixie is an established compère & show producer, hosting shows throughout the UK. Her academic prose, quick wit and terrible dating stories leaves audiences giggling in their boots.

Trixie has enchanted audiences across Europe, captivating spectators at amazing shows such as: Burlesque Noir, The Frou Frou Club, Nasty Boys Italy, Hundred Watt Club, Bluestocking Lounge (Headliner), Neon Moon, Glitterbug, The Slippery Belle, Bohemian Burlesque Festival, London Burlesque Festival, World Burlesque Games, Glasgow Burlesque Festival (Headliner), Enterteasement, Sheffield Burlesque & Cabaret Festival, Bristol Burlesque Festival, Goodtime Cabhooray, Haus of T’Boo/Cheeky Devils Club, Looking Glass Burlesque plus many many more.

Teamed with a weekly performance residencies and a monthly producing hotspot at Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Trixie gives back to her North East home by creating accessible and inclusive burlesque shows dedicated to new & existing burlesque talent.

Well respected within the industry, Trixie has offered her creative eye to various burlesque competition judges panels, such as, Tea Time Tassel Off 2017, Ecdysiast Encounters 2016 and Burlesque Noir Rising Star 2017.

Trixie is a PGCE qualified teacher, with a Masters of Research degree, specialising in burlesque and is currently undertaking a PhD titled: Traditions of Nostalgic Femininity within the Burlesque Subculture. Not only this, she has extensive qualifications within performing arts and fitness and uses her theoretical and practical knowledge, along with her infectious enthusiasm to deliver a burlesque experience you will never forget

Trixie’s professionalism to her craft, along with her infectious enthusiasm, creates a burlesque experience you will never forget.


What should I wear to a burlesque class?


For any of our classes, all we ask is that you wear something you are comfortable in.  You are more than welcome to dress casually, gym wear or dress to impress with burlesque.


Footware is encouraged to be comfortable, however, you are more than welcome to wear: trainers, ballet shoes, low heels or bare feet.


Most of our ladies wear comfortable clothes to the session and bring burlesque attire with them if they feel they would like to express themselves.




Where are our courses/workshops held?


We work within a variety of venues across the North East.  We will always specify which venue on your confirmation email, however, our main home for our WEDNESDAY weekly courses is the fabulous:

Freelance Dance Studio

8 Brentwood Avenue


Newcastle Upon Tyne



The nearest metro is West Jesmond.

There is on street parking available outside the venue.


Please check out www.freelance-dance.co.uk for more information.

P.S On Tuesdays, we work out out Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Newcastle!




What do I need to bring?


Each of our burlesque workshops/courses require a few extra bits and bobs to really get the most out of the session. These are all optional and you do not have to take part with them all.  Please also note, there is no nudity on any of the workshops/classes.


However, each item listed is not essential and we endeavour to provide as much as we can of each item suggested for the session to adhere to our ethos of accessible and inclusive burlesque. 

Long Gloves

Hold Ups

Spare Bra

Nipple Tassels (These do not require any nudity) 

Feather Boa


These are the staple garments we use throughout our House of Trixie Blue workshops/courses. 





How do I book on a burlesque course/workshop?


As booking is essential for our workshops and classes, please register your interest by contacting us on:


To secure a space, your non-refundable/transferable course fees will be required to fully enrol you on the course (amount depending on the workshop/course).  Please see below for payment options.


More details can be found on our dedicated 'How to Book' page here




How do I pay for burlesque workshops/courses?


There are a variety of ways to pay your course fees.  We accept:


Internet banking directly to our business account (preferred)


PayPal (£1.65-£2.65  extra charge to pay by this method)


Please contact us and we can send you the details. 






How old do I need to be for your workshop/courses and shows?


All burlesque workshops/courses/shows are 18+





Who are the HOTB performers?


House of Trixie Blue are ecstatic to represent some fabulous burlesque performers, who uphold our ethos of accessible and inclusive burlesque.


We have our Principal Enchantress, the founder and owner of House of Trixie Blue - Trixie Blue


Our beautiful and talented Enchantress - Scarlet Rose

Our associate performers- Lil Auld Ladies

Our professional burlesque troupe - The Sapphire Whiskers

Our Professional Romancer - Utter Philth 

Check them out here!






Does hotb produce shows?


We certainly do!!! We produce The Periwinkle Pussycat - Burlesque and Cabaret, The History of Burlesque on Film (in collaboration with Tyneside Cinema) and Burluskers Delight: Buskers for Burlesque & Cabaret, Burlesque Revue & Vaudeville Vault (for Prohibition Cabaret Bar in Gateshead).  We also work alongside some of the North Easts top businesses to create bespoke corporate/public events. Check out our event page here.